Origin Hybrid Mattress™ (10") - Origin Hong Kong

Origin Hybrid Mattress™ (10″)

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$7,950 $2,910

Meet Europe’s #1 Award-Winning Mattress

The most affordable, high quality spring mattress in Hong Kong. Engineered in Germany with proprietary technology for the ultimate comfort & support.

  • Perfect for all types of sleepers
  • Winner of 50+ International Awards
  • Designed by Europe’s Top Sleep Specialists
  • Voted “Product of the Year 2023” in Australia & UK
  • Voted “Best Mattress in HK” by ESDLife & HK Hub

Our Service Promise

  • Free next business day delivery (for orders before 11AM)
  • 120-day money back guarantee
  • Industry-leading 15 year warranty

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Origin Hybrid Mattress™ (10″)