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Origin Mattress Review – Sleep Consultant Lydia

As an Integrated Sleep Consultant, I spend hours every day researching the latest sleep science and am always on the lookout for the best sleep solutions. Full disclosure: A couple of months ago, I was gifted an Origin Hybrid Mattress and was invited to share an honest review of my experience with it. I am equal parts curious and naturally skeptical of any new sleep products, however after knowing they have a 120-days ‘no question asked’ full refund policy as well as a 15-year warranty in place, I’ve decided to give it a go. Today marks the 55th day since I’ve slept in it and here is what I’ve found*:

Well-balanced Support from head to toe

As a side sleeper, I used to wake up feeling numb all over one side of my arm, for which I’d sought help from physiotherapists and acupuncturists without much improvement. Since switching to Origin, to my biggest surprise I’ve stopped waking up with numbness in the morning. Curious to understand its technology behind, I’ve learnt that Origin utilises a patent-pending HexZonalTM Foam, developed by their design team from Germany alongside a panel of international sleep experts, to offer different densities and support for the back, head and legs respectively. This ensures a perfect alignment of the spine for different sleep positions and an equal distribution of pressure throughout the night.

Pro tip from Lydia: To increase the lifespan of your mattress, try rotating it head side to toe side every few months, which will help retain an even amount of firmness across your mattress in the longer run.

Excellent Temperature Regulation

I am a heaty sleeper by nature, and like many other sleepers out there who shares a bed with a partner who has a complete different climate preference, bedtime can sometimes feel like a tug of war.

The Origin Mattress is cleverly engineered to enhance cooling and thermal regulation with two key features: (1) its Cooling Memory Foam layer infused with cooling gel, designed to remove excess

heat and provide a conducive environment for quality sleep; and (2) the highly porous nature of its Tencel pillowtop layer as well as its HexZonalTM Foam which allows for superb air circulation. Thanks to its temperature-regulating ability, my partner and I can now enjoy continuous nights of sleep without waking up in the middle of the night feeling either too hot or too cold, and we’ve even compromised on a room temperature that is currently working well for the both of us (following years of endless debate).

Pro tip from Lydia: Pair the Origin Mattress with beddings made of organic bamboo fiber, which offers natural thermo-regulating, antibacterial and hypoallergenic benefits, to optimise your sleep experience.

No more being woken up by your partner

Another common challenge that comes with sharing a bed, is being woken up by your sleep partner who goes to bed or gets up at different hours of the day. With its 12cm tempered steel LumbarCoilsTM, the Origin Mattress performs exceptionally well in terms of motion isolation and my partner notices much less tossing and turning from me during his sleep. I also go from previously being woken up at 5:30am daily by my early bird partner, to now waking up naturally most mornings, which enables me to clock in at least 1-1.5 hour of extra sleep per day (that gives me 300-500 hours more sleep per year)!

My overall verdict

The Origin Hybrid Mattress offers exceptionally balanced feels with its 6-layer sleep system, providing my back and body with the right amount of firmness in support of my active lifestyle. I have since then travelled and slept in three different 5-star hotels over the past couple months, but I have found their mattresses incomparable to my Origin Mattress at home. Based on my lovely experience thus far, I have no hesitation in recommending the Origin Hybrid Mattress to all my friends and family.

About Lydia

As a certified Integrative Adult and Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Lydia helps individuals and families around the world get the sleep they most deserve. Trained in the Holistic Science of Sleep Method (TM), Lydia takes a holistic and science-based approach towards uncovering the root cause of sleep challenges, offering tailored sleep solutions for every unique case. She founded her company The Sleep Code in 2019 and is dedicated in empowering her clients with the latest knowledge on sleep health, supporting individuals and families in making their own positive changes towards a more fulfilled life through better sleep.

Lydia is a regular speaker at corporate conferences and seminars, with the mission of driving a cultural shift in how rest and sleep is viewed within the workplace and the wider community.


IG: @thesleepcode.hk | FB: @thesleepcode

*Sleep is highly individualised and is based upon a wide range of factors both internal (physical, mental, emotional) and external (social, cultural, environmental). No two persons can have the same exact sleep. The above reflects solely the personal experience of the writer and reflects only one single aspect of sleep. If you are suffering from chronic sleep challenges, it is most helpful to seek help from a certified sleep consultant and/or a medical professional who specialises in sleep.

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